Djordje Stojanović, Milutin Cerović
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


This paper will present a specific Research by Design setting at the University of Belgrade conducted by 4of7, the initiative which simultaneously encompasses the aspects of architectural practice, research and education. In the opening paragraphs 4of7 agenda will be discussed against three overlapping areas of the study: understanding and applying computational logic within the design process, the use of the prototypical models, and the investigation of the material processes. In the further body of the text, a sequence of experiments will be documented to demonstrate an ongoing architectural research, probing into the design workflow which employs elastic material performance to achieve highly versatile spatial organization and develop a non-geometric understanding of spatial environment. The study will explore the connection between two theoretical models, initially identified as the Field and the Network and material based studies in architectural design. An abbreviated version of this text was presented at eCAADe conference “Computation and Performance” at TU Delft, September 2013.

4of7, elasticity, material performance, self-regulating systems, prototypical models, physics based simulation



SAJ Vol. 5, 2013, No. 2