Jefto Terzović
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

Rastislav Mandić
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Civil Engineering


The paper proposes a design concept of seismic resistant architectural structures by using unconventional materials – laminated glass and laminated klirit, materials that are not usually used in construction design for that purpose, although being widespread and easily available, and therefore defined as unconventional, with the goal of the preventive restoration. In the proposed design concept, laminated glass and laminated klirit are considered as a filling in a steel frame on which they overlap by the intermediate rubber layer, thereby forming a composite assembly. In this way, vertical elements of stiffening are formed, capable for reception of seismic force and integrated into the structural system of the building. The applicability of such a system was verified by experiments in laboratory conditions where the experimental models based on laminated glass and laminated klirit had been exposed to the cyclic loads that simulate
the seismic force. In this way, the load capacity of composite assemblies was tested for the effects of dynamic load that was parallel to assembly plane.

preventive restoration, laminated glass / klirit, seismic stiffening, laboratory testing, computer analysis



SAJ Vol. 9, 2017, No. 1