Miodrag Nestorović, Vladimir Mišković
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


The emergence of the new architectural solutions and structural forms of Mengeringhausen, Tsuboi, Safdie, Foster, Calatrava and other creators of magnificent structures, may be taken as an initiation and explosion of inventiveness which has continued up to till present. Consequently, the topic of this paper is to show a part of broad range of structural systems which have not been sufficiently disclosed in Serbia and surroundings, in spite of their attractiveness in contemporary architecture, in terms of space transformations, materialization and technology.
The basic properties of all analyzed space structures lies in their geometric shape (Archimedean and Platonic polyhedra, polyhedron structures, and bionic of structures as well), which applies regularity, symmetry, speed of mounting, as well as modularity of the original matrices. Solutions and analyses shown deal with multifunctional space matrices, which make its potential very important both in architectural design and in structural theory. The topic of this paper is to consider the development of matrix structure in context of architectural forms in future, emphasizing the importance of structural geometry and its possible applications.

architecture, structural systems, space structures, polyhedron, bionics of structure



SAJ Vol. 3, 2011, No. 2