Rado Riha
Institute of Philosophy, SRC Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts


The history of architecture and contemporary architectural discussion show that the encounters of architecture and philosophy are neither rare nor exceptional. The central thesis of this article is that today architecture and philosophy are connected in a way that goes beyond the variety of their interdisciplinary co-operation. The two domains of thought are connected in a more “existential” sense: they both need to address certain issues that concern the conditions of the possibility of their future existence. The article focuses on two such issues: it seeks to demonstrate in what way the existence of architecture and philosophy depends, on one hand, on the ancient alternative between the logic of the One and the logic of the Multiple; and on the other hand, on the concept of the indiscernability of thought and act. In so doing it draws on the Lacanian triad of the symbolic, the imaginary and the real.

creative praxis, architecture, philosophy, one, multiple, symbolic, imaginary, real




SAJ Vol. 2, 2010, No. 3