Nikola Dedić
University of Arts in Belgrade


The Paper deals with the problem of relation between art and modernity – our main thesis is that the artist in an age of modernity deals with the problem of privacy. The notion of privacy is used in Wittgenstein’s sense, as analogy to his theorization of fantasy of private language. His concept of private language is a description of withdrawal of ordinary language from the process of inter-social relations and its everyday use; in that way, private language fantasy is a kind of scepticism. Regarding the fact that the notion of epistemological scepticism is connected to the idea of modernity (Descartes’, Hume’s, Lock’s modern sceptical subject), the main problem for modern artist is how to transcend the condition of radical scepticism, i.e. the condition that Stanley Cavell, in Wittgenstein’s sense calls “metaphysical isolation”.

art, modernity, scepticism, private language, ordinary language, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Stanley Cavell



SAJ Vol. 7, 2015, No. 2