Zoltán Somhegyi
Izmir University – Faculty of Architecture


A wall is an indispensable architectural element, separating and at the same time also unifying, creating sides, divisions and the possibility of breaking through. What aesthetic potentials and qualities can we find around the wall? Sometimes we concentrate more on what the wall encompasses, but we can put really the wall itself in the focus, for example when examining it in its ruined state: when we can even walk literally around the alonestanding sculptural object, or when interpreting it as being the subject and medium of sculptural interventions. In this paper, with the help of some artworks I would like to examine the role, appearance and “usage” of wall and to show some noteworthy examples where architects and artists were inspired to find new interpretations of this classical architectural element.

wall, ruins, nature, sculptural interventions, contemporary art



SAJ Vol. 6, 2014, No. 1