Verica Krstić, Milena Kordić
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


As a starting point this paper questions the actualization of the concept of the atmosphere in contemporary architectural and artistic research both in theory and in practice. The concept of the atmosphere points to the possibility that the architectural and artistic practices directly operationalize their interests in the problems of everyday life and everyday culture. Architectural and artistic atmosphere are realized in the ratio 1:1, thus surpassing conditions typical for both disciplines separately. Usefulness of the scale of 1:1 is the potential for interdiscursive exchange because it includes the experience of the physical body in space and represents a medium through which the social reality is engraved into the space. We propose that the production of the atmosphere could be a mechanism to imprint everyday life into architectural and artistic forms through real-size-multimediaworks.

architectural atmosphere, installation art, interdiscursive exchange, scale 1:1, everyday life



SAJ Vol. 8, 2016, No. 3