Urša Komac, Pablo Guillén
University of Sydney


We enjoyed the company of Bogdan Bogdanović a few times. He told us about his life and his work, among other things. This article is to a large extent a result of those pleasant meetings.
Everyone needs to be alone from time to time; to be alone in the open air, away from their own private room and from the public street. And in the same way as two people can be alone in the same place without disturbing each other, the public space for being alone is not only a necessity but also a possibility. But all that is fairly fragile. It is difficult to design spaces for solitude, and it is particularly difficult to make them work. Sometimes, perhaps, the places preferred by people on their own are just a matter of chance. Moreover, they can easily disappear. Three of such spaces: so fragile and so fascinating, are the subject of this study. They are memorials for Prilep, Travnik and Vukovar, all works of Bogdan Bogdanović. Each of them is a drop of culture in a desert.

Bogdan Bogdanović, public space, cenotaph, mausoleum, memorial monument



SAJ Vol. 3, 2011, No. 1