size: scale and proportion

Scale and proportion in art and architecture are both concerned with size: while scale refers to the size of an object in relationship to another object, proportion refers to the relative size of parts of a whole. Throughout history of art, many artworks represent what was considered as an ideal based on the ancient classical Greek model and therefore serve as an illustration of both scale and proportion in art.

Here, we are interested in how scale and proportion function today in art and architecture, therefore we invite you to submit papers to bring scale and scaling into view. What ideals and/or ideology do they represent, how measurement scales are built and what are these, what are the relationships between materiality and size?

Having that this is a broad area, topics may include, but are not limited to:

* Scale in art, a physical size of an artwork, absolute and relative size (size compared to the size of the human body or of the other artwork);
* Blow up in visual arts (paintings, sculpture, installations, films etc.);
* Miniature;
* Scale and proportions as a reflection of cultural ideology;
* Scale in architecture.

Submissions from any academic discipline are welcome, hoping to have a mix of art, architecture, history and communication studies.

Guest Editor: Mariela Cvetić

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