Gențiana Cristina Dumitrașcu
University of Architecture and Urban Planning “Ion Mincu”


The architectural presentation is composed of one rendering, or a series of rendering, a perfect moment, representing the idealization of the not yet realized project. What would happen if we could find out how the project was designed, how each layer was added until the final form was reached and the people represented could help telling the architectural story?

The flexible hybrid graphic medium of comic strips, which combines in their structure, the narrative element, space and movement, has always had a strong connection with the notion of architecture (symbolic protagonist or even center of the comics’ story). The doctoral thesis, Comicopolis. An alternative manner of presenting, discussing and designing architecture, analyzes through theoretical study, interviews and experiments, the way the characteristic elements of comics can improve the traditional architectural representation, the way we interact with architecture and the design process of space.

comics, sequence, fiction, narration, high intake of the individual



SAJ Vol. 8, 2016, No. 2