Milorad Mladenović
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


The comments on “Saopštenja”(Informer, Notices) of the New school (of architecture) represent the analysis of the publication of a group of bulletins which during the period of 1970/1971 was edited by the Tripartite Committee of the Assembly of the Working Community of the Faculty of Architecture (as abbreviated The Board for the New School), with the intention of presenting to the public the process of tuition reform at the Faculty of Architecture. Being the Dean and the Chairman of the Committee at that time, Prof. Bogdan Bogdanović was the most significant participant in the reform process, and by that fact also the most responsible person for the contents of “Saopštenja”. Today, these bulletins present the most valuable documents of the reform process of that time which enables one to follow both the implementation procedure and also the scientific and theoretical aspirations within the field of architecture and urbanism which provided the orientation to the reform. Also, these bulletins in a rather interesting way present the beliefs of that time on which manner the tuition within the field of architecture and urbanism should be carried out, particularly in respect to the significant social, political and cultural circumstances of that period. At the same time, this analysis attempts to find out the causes due to which the tuition of the New school of architecture lasted for quite short time.

bulletins “Saopštenje”, the faculty of architecture, tuition reform, the new school, influences upon the reform, methodology of reform, Bogdan Bogdanović



SAJ Vol. 3, 2011, No. 1