Jelena Milošević, Đorđe Nedeljković
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


The paper presents the application of computational tools in design and analysis of integrally tensioned (tensegrity) structures. The shaping process of this specific type of spatial structures is
determined by consideration of form-structure interrelation. Therefore, the sustainable approach to their design implies the application of tools which could both represent geometry and simulate their physical behavior. With respect to this, in the research we tested the application of computational tool Fasttens for design of tensegrity structures. Fasttens programme is based
on the computational procedure for non-linear analysis of tensegrity systems originally developed by Miodrag Nestorović. In order to run the original programme written in Turbo Pascal, we performed emulation, using emulator software DOSBox. We tested the application of the tool in the design of concrete tensegrity structure. Presented design and numerical experiment confirmed the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

tensegrity structures, structural design, computational design, computational analysis, Fasttens



SAJ Vol. 9, 2017, No. 1