Aleksandar Čučaković, Biljana Jović
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Forestry


Contemporary technological development (CAD/CAM/CAE, VR, AR, MR) made conventional methods of Descriptive and Constructive Geometry uncompleted. Application and use of new technologies in Constructive geometry requires educational process with the aim to have complete knowledge of all fields that belong to this area. The aspect and results research shows that knowledge acquired in this way by using new technology, develops students’ skills that are very important in senior years of studies, particularly in the field of engineering design. Interactive dynamic 3D geometry could not be achieved by conventional ways of studying. The use of modern technology should enable expanding the fields of research as well as preservation of the theoretical knowledge of descriptive geometry.

descriptive geometry, constructive geometry, education, contemporary technologies



SAJ Vol. 3, 2011, No. 2