Mary Bittner Wiseman
City University of New York


In this paper I am going to do three things: First, identify several themes in contemporary Chinese art that show its essentially social nature and its robust materialism. Second, suggest a way that contemporary art in China is post-modern in the way that Western art is and claim, moreover, that as different as the themes and recent history of this art are from contemporary Western art, the works satisfy a definition of art constructed by Arthur Danto. Finally, in a coda, I present the work of a woman artist that is unlike most recent Chinese and Western art. It positions itself at the far reaches of what art in China is and what Danto’s definition allows at the same time that it suggests both the interiority of the practice of art and one way of being a woman.

contemporary Chinese art, west, Arthur Danto, end of art



SAJ Vol. 7, 2015, No. 2