Vladimir Milenković
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


Contemporariness of architecture can be interpreted in diverse ways. Starting from a basically formulated modern context, which is even nowadays understood as such, in which the limits of stability of the architectural profession are examined, our concern is the designer’s intention to research within a wider cultural context. We are actually considering the capacities of the profession for continuous development of its own critical apparatus. Through the question of the relation between the general and the individual, followed by the question of integrity and proportion of architectural effect, but also by the role of media and digitalization of the world, in the focus of this text projected are the scenes of reality filled with the values of architecture willing to develop, within itself, the analytical and synthetic concepts relying on the contextual, but also on the own indetermination and instability regarding the concept of the space and time.

object, imagination, projection, alteration, production



SAJ Vol. 3, 2011, No. 3