S.N. Krivoshapko, Svetlana Shambina
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


This manuscript is an attempt to collect and systematize all cardinal scientific results of geomet-rical design of nondegenerate developable surfaces with a cuspidal edge. Information on the application of thin-walled developable structures and developable surfaces has also been pre-sented. Wide choices of design methods of developable surfaces provide not only necessary shapes and special properties but they also prove to be convenient to apply. This surface is actively applied for design of ship hulls, in agricultural machine building, in aircraft construction, in pipe design for making the diverse transitions, in road building, in cartography and in civil engineering.

developable surface, surface modeling, differential geometry, architecture, ship’s hull, anti-erosion bank, agricultural mechanical engineering, civil engineering, road building, pipe design, cartography, open helicoid



SAJ Vol. 4, 2012, No. 3