The Research Centre for Architecture and Tectonics: Integrating Architectural Education with Research by Design along a Practice-oriented Perspective

Michael U. Hensel, Søren S. Sørensen
Research Center for Architecture and Tectonics (RCAT), Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO)


This article examines the development of the integrative and interdisciplinary approach to research by design in architecture pursued at the Research Centre for Architecture and Tectonics (RCAT). RCAT constitutes the primary research environment of the Institute of Architecture at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and focuses on an extensive scope of research activities related to architecture and the built environment that are geared towards the development of a comprehensive approach to performance-oriented architecture. This involves specific ways of integrating architectural education and research, in particular research by design, to support the development of related knowledge, concepts, methods and frequently also the production of reliable empirical data, engaging real-life design problems and seeking interaction with practice. Advanced computational design underpins a lot of the research, as well as scaled and full-scale construction.

performance-oriented architecture, integrative and interdisciplinary, research by design, auxiliary architectures, advanced computational design



SAJ Vol. 5, 2013, No. 2