Ljiljana Blagojević
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


This paper studies the competition project by the architect Milan Zloković for the Workers Housing Estate of the Kvarner Shipyards in Rijeka, 1947-8 (Radničko naselje Kvarnerskih brodogradilišta na Rijeci). The principal aim, in addition to presenting this, until now unpublished and largely unknown work of the architect, is to discuss its propositions against the historical and socio-political context of the momentous change of paradigms following the end of World War Two. The paper explores how, through a programmatic shift towards the issues of urbanism, Zloković subtly adapted the design vocabulary of the interwar modern architectural form to the new cultural, political and social circumstances of the postwar years.

modern architecture, workers housing, urban design, socialist housing, design for the collective



SAJ Vol. 2, 2010, No. 1