Vladan Djokić
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


The article presents the attempt to follow the trail of the connection between the morphological and typological researches in architecture and urbanism. The principles of morphology and typology are noticed as unavoidable for comprehension of the entire context of the discipline of architecture and urbanism. The interaction between architectural typology and urban morphology are particularly emphasized as the most multilayered and most complex form of typological classification. The attention is directed towards stressing the unique morphological typological discourse of theoretical researches and practical implementation in architecture and urbanism, the basic concept of which is to transform the experience gained into a sort of code, which would be the pattern for the new step in further transformation of architectural and urban elements of the urban spaces in future.

morphology, typology, typo-morphology, classification, identity, morphogenesis

SAJ Vol. 1, 2009, No. 2