Miško Šuvaković
University of Arts – Faculty of Music Arts


The discussion points to the issue of defining and re-defining the notion of the ”critical theory”. The notion of critical theory has been considered since the introduction of the notion at the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt until the modern, postmodern and contemporary theories of critical and decentering of the critical. The notion of critical theory is associated with the problem of politicization of architecture and urbanism. It is pointed to the case of critical theory of the Frankfurt circle. Particular attention is paid to the art/architecture theory of Theodor Adorno and to the theory of architecture and urbanism of Walter Benjamin. Adorno’s critique of architectural functionalism has been considered. It is discussed about methodological approach to Benjamin’s analysis and the debate
on Paris as metropolis.
The aim of the discussion is to indicate to transformations and modalities of critical theory in modernism, post-structuralism, postmodernism and contemporary global neoliberalism.

revisionist philosophy, critical theory, modern, modernism, architecture, urbanism, geography, aesthetics



SAJ Vol. 6, 2014, No. 1