(with a retrospect of exhibitionary practices in Serbia following 2000)

Milorad Mladenović
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


This paper deals with the existing and possible modalities and strategies of exhibiting and presentation of contemporary architecture in specific exhibition conditions (gallery or museum spaces or in the context of public space), not aiming at perceiving the issue of presentation in all its aspects withregards to the complexity and all the circumstances of this theme expanse. This paper is focused on the level of research of the relations between the real model and its presentation or on the diverse ways of interpretation of the designed model in the context of its possible realization or some of its special program or utopian social function. Also, the focus of the paper is based on the analysis of the media practices of presentation of ideas and concepts in architecture, as well as on the possibility of architecture be presented as professional, artistic and social practice through those media.
In separate part of this paper the practice of exhibition and presentation of the Serbian architecture following 2000 will be presented through analysis of the systems and forms of exhibitionin the existing social and cultural conditions of significance for architecture and based on previously provided analyses.

exhibiting architecture, exhibiting models, exhibiting media, communication media, exhibition space, architecture and art exhibiting, exhibitionary practices in Serbia



SAJ Vol. 5, 2013, No. 3