Ranka Gajić
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering


The topic of sustainable urban land use compared to the world theory and practice has almost not been elaborated by the professionals in Serbia. This paper’s starting point is that it is important to analyze and apply this topic, not only for the master plan level but also for the more detailed levels of planning and for smaller spatial entities/complexes in the cities, focusing on the morphological implications of sustainable urban land use as the topic relevant from the architect/urban planner point of view. After the definition of the notion of sustainable urban land use and the theoretical basis has been defined in the introductory explications, followed by a brief review of that topic’s presence in Serbia, the point of view has been explained – namely, focusing on one single aspect (morphology) followed by a review of relevant criteria of other aspects of sustainable urban land use (economical, ecological and social aspects).

The conclusion derived by synthesis represents the recommendation for a possible practice/methodology for planner’s approach to the sustainable urban land use from the viewpoint of the morphology aspect.

urban land use, sustainable development, morphological studies, criteria, recommendations



SAJ Vol. 1, 2009, No. 2