Aleksandar Čučaković
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Civil Engineering

Biljana Jović
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry


New media technologies and interdisciplinary approach is used and represented in this paper. The aspects and research results are shown through the production methodology, multimedia learning tool and the final application in geometrical education. The method we used here is obtained from overlapping of multiple disciplines such as architecture, structural systems, descriptive geometry and computer animation. Geometrical construction is presented on visual dynamic educational device for students of technical and applied arts faculties. Multimedia DVD is named: “Geometrical education by using 3D animation principles and tools”. Geometrical education enables development of the understanding and perception of space as well as the ability of spatial representation. Drawing is not the goal of geometrical education. Our aim is to simplify the perception of geometrical construction, and by the method is proposed in this paper it is quite possible.

geometrical education, 3D animations, visualization, 3D software devices



SAJ Vol. 9, 2017, No. 1