Nadežda Čačinovič
University Zagreb – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Media archeology offers a new and necessary tool in dealing with the plurality of phenomena we so indiscriminately – anachronistically or in other ways – recognize as art and classify as artworks. The paper tries to stress the difference in comparison with related viewpoints: the theories of cultural transmission, of the materiality of culture, of the logic of aesthetic regimes etc. One might call it “media before media” (and follow Kittler) or delve with Zielinski into the “Deep Time of the Media” with a good connection to the “history of the senses approach” or go straight with Jussi Parikka and Erkki Huhtamo and use “media archeology”: it is always an acknowledgment of the protean nature of art and architecture.

materiality of culture, history of the senses, media, cultural transmiss



SAJ Vol. 7, 2015, No. 1