Ana Perić
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


Because a large number of participants with various interests in the process of brownfield regeneration increase the complexity of the process itself, it is interesting to observe the nature of their collaboration. The focus of this paper is on the role of the local authorities as one of the key stakeholders responsible for the success of brownfield regeneration. Their position and the instruments they use in such a process can be elucidated by observing the organisation of the planning process, the negotiation and decision-making procedures, and the means of conflict resolution. Two European case studies on brownfield regeneration form the empirical research scope of this paper: A former cable and wire factory in Vienna and a former Roma settlement in Budapest. The paper provides an insight into possibilities for a redefinition of planning culture through innovative and proactive planning approaches to brownfield regeneration.

brownfield regeneration, local governance, collaboration, Vienna, Budapest




SAJ Vol. 7, 2015, No. 3