Radmila Tomovska
MIT University, Faculty of Architecture, Skopje

Ana Radivojević
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


Master-builder of traditional Ohrid house had important role for the origin and development of some particular elements of construction and finalisation, which are typical solutions that create a specific expression of the Ohrid residential architecture.

Formation and development of the traditional Ohrid house, as a regional variant of the Ottoman type of urban house, with specific indigenous characteristics that are specifically related to the spatial plan and the structural details, was created by masterbuilders of Ohrid, Struga and Debar. Their contribution in the stylistic unification of the Ottoman residential architecture, as well as in finding innovative and specific solutions, is very significant.

master-builders, traditional Ohrid house, Ottoman type of urban house, bondruk structure



SAJ Vol. 8, 2016, No. 1