Zoran Lazović
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


The intention of this paper is to contemplate the root problem that was prevalent in the architecture in Serbia and in Belgrade in the last decade, and to try to provide some insight into few issues and discuss the future solutions: what are the core values and what is specific in the recent architecture of Belgrade/Serbia, what was lacking in the theoretical and practical areas of architecture and what is the significance of the realized architecture at the local, regional or the European level. The challenge of keeping the traditional architecture, yet incorporate proven global concepts that are both aesthetically pleasing, yet serve a practical purpose, was in conclusion presented as the emulation of the new ideas on old notions, integration of global concepts, local knowledge and experience to deliver superior quality architectural achievements, based on highly motivated, professional, visionary, resourceful, experienced or promising Serbian architects.

architecture, context, culture, symptoms, results, paradigms, changes



SAJ Vol. 1, 2009, No. 1