Angela Harutyunyan
American University of Beirut


The article is comprised of three exercises of “site writing” interrupted by theoretical and methodological intermissions. The sequences take the reader to a topographical and exegetical journey into various images, memory traces and narratives that treat reality as raw material for dreaming. Adopting architectural historian Jane Rendell’s critical framework of site writing, the article aims at radical spatialization of the sites through which narratives emerge, memories are revisited and possibilities for the future are suggested. Site writing is not writing about spaces, but writing spaces, engaging the materiality of the images and the phenomenological encounters with them through spatiality and positioning of the images. Thus, images become sites through which the narrative unfolds.
The image-sites that form the three key sequences include the juxtaposition of two towns- Kars and Giumry- in Turkey and in Armenia respectively in a way that the images of the townscapes neither comment, nor repeat, but double each other; a journey through Los Angeles’ Westin Bonaventure hotel and its relationship to the body and the landscape; and a reading of the latent possibilities of the material in artist Kasper Kovitz’s landscape paintings and installations.

site-writing, image, law, technical support, landscape, architecture



SAJ Vol. 4, 2012, No. 2