Part One: Development of the Traditional Urban Family House

Ana Nikezić
University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture


The principal aim of this research is maladjustment of the traditional family house space concept to the requirements of the contemporary city and to the needs of an urban emancipated citizen. New patterns of every-day life seek their sanctuary in new living models, striving to re-evaluate the current patterns and determine spatial and social frame for the development of the contemporary family house adjusted to the urbanity of the 21st century town.

The main aim is to define the elements and characteristics of contemporary urbane family house spatial structure by establishing mutual support between private and public domain of every-day life, throughout observation and analyses of spatial concept of the traditional urban family house, and also throughout the examination of its transformation during the first and second half of the 20th century, and by establishing the potential and final limits of its growth at the beginning of the 21st century. The first part of the analysis deals with transformation of the traditional house structure and determination of basic elements of the traditional urban house.



SAJ Vol. 1, 2009, No. 2