Vladimir Vuković
Freelance architect and author in Austria


Bogdanović was not only the leading architect of monuments in the former Yugoslavia, but also one of the country’s most important writers. He is the author of 18 books and more than 500 articles, which have been translated into several languages. Most of them are dedicated to cities and urbanism, covering various aspects: the city in history, criticism of the modern city, utopia, death of the city etc. He created the term “small urbanism” and published many articles on the problems of modern cities, which are today, nearly half a century later, still very topical (environment, migration, over-population). In the 1990s he was engaged in the campaign against the war in Yugoslavia and the “ritual killing” of cities. It is also interesting to see Bogdanović’s essays in the context of some contemporary theories on urban planning. Knowledge of the literary work of Bogdanović provides a better understanding of his personality, both as an architect and as an intellectual of the European status.

small urbanism, utopia, death of the city, criticism of the modern city, urban planning



SAJ Vol. 3, 2011, No. 1